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This is our island – Espiritu Santo – where [in 2010] we had already acquired a tract of 878ha in the remote rain-forest of its west coast. The project we established there is: the Edenhope Nature Preserve. Today it is a small, close to 100% sustainable, community …of lovely spirit-beings, who live there in peace and harmony.
We are now establishing the sequel to it, some 17km east, on the 5,000ha of my adopted family’s land. Called Puel-vun Supe, this land is also part of Big Bay Coast, a newly designated protectorate of the Big Bay Chiefs who are finally recovering their rightful authority from some politically interested gangs who had usurped it. The new project called East of Eden will be ‘implemented’ in 2018 …once certain ‘claims’ against the ownership of these lands are settled. We are confident of the outcome.
East of Eden will also, then, become an ‘official’ Nature Preserve …so its rules and regulations carry the weight of Law …just as they are at Edenhope. Similarly, its guiding Principles of True Sustainability will determine the development of this filial CommUnity. Thus total respect will be accorded its Bio-diversity, honoring the true family Great Spirit has given us.
Here we are offering – absolutely free – parcels of land from 5 to 14ha [or so – 12 to 33acres] for only the promise of those qualified, to care for the land and each other. Of course those who accept this offer must have a proven history of commitment to Sustainability or the pursuit of it. By accepting this gift, they are finally completing the long, long journey that brought them here …and satisfying the High Purpose we were brought here in the first place …so to care for Mother Earth and her offspring. The finality of this mutual pact will be formalized after four seasons have passed by being granted formal membership in the East of Eden Foundation…
The Declaration expressed herein …is the result of a long and lovingly developed vision.
For I am Papa Bear [my children still call me that]
…but you know me as: StEvEn [Rainbow Warrior] Aho!

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A Brief History of EdenHope: the Origin of East-of-Eden http://east-of-eden.org/2018/07/15/a-brief-history-of-edenhope-the-origin-of-east-of-eden/ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/07/15/a-brief-history-of-edenhope-the-origin-of-east-of-eden/#respond Sun, 15 Jul 2018 12:53:28 +0000 http://east-of-eden.org/?p=1906 15 March, 2015 by admin Edit |
• “Now we are at the very end of our trail. Many people no longer recognize the true path of the Great Spirit. They have, in fact, no respect for the Great Spirit or for our precious Mother Earth, who gives us all life.”
Dan Evehema – d.6.2.1999 age 108
• “Nature itself does not speak with a voice that we can easily understand. Who in this world can speak for Nature and the spiritual energy that creates and flows through all life”
Thomas Banyacya – d.15.1.1999 age 89
No one can ignore the truth: man has brought great tribulation upon the Creation …indeed, it is felt throughout the Universe! Yet still he persists in denial…
All things are connected …must be acknowledged; it comes straight from the heart. So too do we know that karma is absolute and inevitable…! Who ever really thought ‘this’ was ‘free lunch’?
Our Vision began to be conceived twelve years ago, in 2003 …when we knew, without doubt, that each of us must redress the Karmic certainty we had gathered…
It was also then that we understood that renewal could only begin once we set about to repair the broken relationship between Man …and Nature.
However, it wasn’t until end of 2006 that we left Amerika – it was impossible to abide any longer in Turtle Island with the violence growing around us …and rout of all the sacred places, everywhere …not simply ‘to leave’, not just to retreat into exile …but to find the redemption we have been longing for …a place where we Rainbow Warriors could gather.
EdenHope was finally born in an oft-dreamed tropical paradise of the South Pacific. How we found our way to Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu …is much-too-long a story to recount here. But, still, it took until mid-2010 to find and lease land in this special island that would suit the new project… where Man and Nature could become One CommUnity again.
What we finally achieved could pass for a campus where a living seminar for ‘higher learning’ is in continuous session. …So, in its sacred space, EdenHope was born.
On 19 December 2011, the “EdenHope Nature Preserve” as it was called …was ‘Officially’ registered as a Conservation Area under the Constitution of Vanuatu …for the explicit purpose of protecting ¬all life within its 1,942 acres […which, btw, included Man who was to be established within it…!]
It might well be noted here that what was envisaged …was a recreation of the only role Man was ever asked to play …so we included him here in the inventory of bio-diversity within the Conservation Area. No one saw that, thereby, EdenHope had uniquely distinguished itself as beyond the scope of every other ‘Nature Preserve’ the world over to date…!
Some 50kms from the nearest road or other infrastructural connection to ‘the para-dime’ [it’s a stretch even to call the track that fords a couple of rivers a ‘road’] …and 100kms from the only town on the island – Luganville, population +/-13,000 – it could be said that EdenHope was about as far out as one can get …from anywhere! But then that’s exactly what we wanted …to be as far as possible from the fatally-flawed world we had rejected…
There we leased [for 75-years, the longest possible term under law in Vanuatu] 1,942 acres of tropical forest …and within it built a village by end 2012. Following the river valley that borders it on the north, it is 5.5kms from the sea. The nearest village is 8.5kms away. What is now called the ‘Sacred Garden of EdenHope’ is in the gentler, lower reaches of the land, on terraces overlooking the rock-filled river.
Membership in the Project was to be offered to ‘family’ who recognize that they are on the same path as we …ready to face the ultimate experience we are all called upon but usually fail to see. Those who come will know what they are bringing to this new world …as well as what they are leaving. Thus would EdenHope gather the spiritual ‘horsepower’ needed to face the greatest challenge ever to confront the Children of the Earth …in the apocalyptic ‘event’ unfolding around us!
Visitors [by invitation] who wished to evaluate the possibility of joining EdenHope were to be received as guests for a limited period …simply by applying and entering into discourse about their suitability. Prospective members would then participate in the Life of EdenHope until such time as permanent membership was offered to them …or otherwise leave. This process could take many months.
Nonetheless, it was becoming clear that time was short …Nature was not meant to tolerate the relentless abuse as has been heaped upon her. Our species must evolve …or perish along with the detritus it has spawned…
* * *
Life at EdenHope became increasingly committed to a manifest perfection of ‘body and spirit’ …and has attracted angelic adherents to its Sacred Garden and that lovely premise. It has become a shared vision for those who are there to strive for the highest Union possible…
While that Union has become its arch intention, it became clear to me that throughout the history of our species others have also sought the highest Union possible, and perhaps even achieved it. But that singular accomplishment has never overcome the prevailing collective, deteriorating karma …or hastened the Process of Loving/Peaceful Evolution.
Great Spirit does not impose ‘Judgment’ upon the material world …no matter how desirable it appears that might be …because Natural Law is so Perfect that the entire Universe is undeniably subject to it. We carry out evolutionary process – individually and collectively …even to the most complex of Galaxies – because we are all subject to the Omnipotent Law of Nature. Even as it was so lovingly created, it is fair to say: Karma is absolute and inevitable…
The knowing has grown …finally becoming conclusive. Precious little Time is left to assemble the Rainbow Children – for whom we Warriors are here. So while the dying world cedes to the new world …it is we who must attend upon its birth.
The fourth world will not just cede to the fifth world in some mysterious transference, as some expect. Indeed, ‘ascendance’ or ‘transcendence’ are intellectual concepts …simply intentions on the threshold of the Fifth World. So I had to cede the beloved space of EdenHope …in order to ensure our progeny – and I do mean ‘our’ – a place in the new world… Thus we gather in this new Sacred Space we have called …East of Eden.
East of Eden
Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
contact email: stephen.quinto@gmail.com

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In the Wake of a Tropical Disturbance – January 2016 http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/22/in-the-aftermath-of-a-tropical-disturbance/ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/22/in-the-aftermath-of-a-tropical-disturbance/#respond Fri, 22 Jun 2018 09:45:27 +0000 http://east-of-eden.org/?p=1592 IN THE AFTERMATH OF A TROPICAL  DISTURBANCE…

We are still mourning the loss of ‘family’ some weeks ago… if the tragedy could be ascribed to one identifiable cause, it is that this family revolved around only one person, its singular father …it never had learned to be CommUnity. Thus when his rage shook the pillars of heaven, it was inevitable that the end would come. It came, abuse shouted hither and yon from his mighty distress…
Once again – too many times now – the same terrible sword had come down on our ears and into our hearth before. But this time the declaration had a finality to it …they have all decided to leave; they are returning [to Domenica] …they are sick of the empty promises and lies they were tricked into believing… by me!
[He could have so easily asked Ruth: ‘…did that also apply to EdenHope? Was it also a lie?’ when he called her instead of inquiring into my sex-life …and then turn on her too, heaping epithets like ‘queen of privilege’ on her! I asked him why he didn’t just address his questions to me? All I got was more noise.
The flames gathered, and the fire roared. This time I could only respond by saying, quietly, that such anger will not be tolerated in this place of peace… I was speaking for all East of Eden even though it was once again only me.
So, then, I had to find them a staging place away from the sanctity of East of Eden, from which they could make whatever arrangements they would see to. I called Solomon, and asked if he and Purity would take them in Matantas for a couple of weeks? and that I would underwrite the cost of looking after them.
The whole of this tragic event – too much to relate here in greater detail, although also propitious – brought about a whole bouquet of unexpected consequences that have since allowed our life-project to proceed even more expeditiously. We know full well how to protect our new world; it is still a tender babe, not yet strong enough to finally separate from the old, so we must gather only that which is sustainable; anger is not! What is …will be shown us unequivocally by its true Nature.
The warriors will no doubt have many more threats to deal with …and each will be neutralized!
Rather than fill this page with the much-too-long story of the aftermath we went through, let it just be said that the daybreak of reason has led to more refreshing epiphanies; they could be titled: “…not by bread alone!” or: “…gather yourselves!”
And so we have set about the necessary work to put the tragic event behind us …as well to birth the new day that also rises. We do so now with greater leverage, and more Love than we ever thought possible. “…The only way to Peace …is Peace!”
Reflections, though, are what I am comfortable sharing. So let me offer them to you: the world into which we are born, which world we are thereby called to serve, comprises all that are part of it …none lesser, none greater than we …each being simply another detail fleshing out The Dream. We were not sent here to be served…! [Forgive us for ever having thought that the pleasures we experienced were purpose and not consequence…]
Which brings me to another: one finds in the subtle reality of almost every gathering in the world today – from nation …to family and everything in between – a distinct indicator of the failure we have wrought …for they have mostly become a ‘gang’ instead of a CommUnity …had they heeded their True Nature…
Yes, the image of self at the bottom of the lake …is of the Narcissus we became over every one …all the other and greater expectations we could have expressed, such as were always available to us …we just dismissed, finally didn’t even give a damn…! Now we are bereft…
Thus we return to our sacred task, annealed once more in the chamber of dramas we are given. Each of us must bear the collective burden …or we would not have found our way …what great theatre it makes! …and such gratitude do we experience when, looked at this way, all the tragic consequences of our historic volition to self-interest and indifference …does not now have the power to drown us in despair, only the deserver…
Our hope for this year? Every obstacle to unconditional love be removed …and so may we all find Peace

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REFLECTION ON THE EVENTS SINCE BIG BAY [PUEL-VUN SUPE] WAS ‘HANDED OVER’… http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/22/reflection-on-the-events-since-big-bay-puel-vun-supe-was-handed-over/ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/22/reflection-on-the-events-since-big-bay-puel-vun-supe-was-handed-over/#respond Fri, 22 Jun 2018 09:29:50 +0000 http://east-of-eden.org/?p=1582 Such events as the ‘giving’ of land …is a serious event in the life and history of one’s tribe/family. They must include the elders, children and grandchildren so that memory of what took place will be preserved [at least through the three generations present]. All must touch the Namele, as if it was their own self that will be commemoratively planted.
Because I was personally adopted into the Tavue Family as a Brother seven years ago, the Ceremony thus witnessed the fact that it was turned over to me on 30 Dec 2014. ‘Puel-vun Supe’ will, in fact, soon be Leased to East of Eden along with ‘Pakakara’ [further below] once protracted formalities – the new reality of land transfer under new Kastom rules that can take up to a year – are complied with….

None of these complications will interfere though with the Project or the construction of East of Eden’s village. Both by Constitutional and by Kastom Process …we now have the ‘blessing’ to proceed. First of all, by Decision this past May , Vanuatu’s Council of Ministers ‘acknowledged and recognized’ the EdenHope Project [East of Eden is seen as Phase Two] as important to the environment of Vanuatu …and, second, the Presidents of the two Councils Of Chiefs [in Island and Province] have just decreed that our Project in Big Bay must go forward and be respected by ‘every people long Big Bay Santo’. So there are no further barriers to delay us…
On the primary ridge in this land of ours, is the Banyan Tree above right …where grandmother was buried many years ago. Her grandsons – my brothers, now only two since Elden died – were pleased to take this picture when we first visited the land. The garden is sacred.

Six weeks after the first Ceremony, Job Thomas and his family made another Ceremony to us when they turned Pakakara over to us …just as the Tavue family had done. There was a certain contagion at play …as our thirst for land would not be easily quenched. And, as is often seen here, neighboring tribes are also related …and so as our land has grown, so has our family. The border between the two lands is easily a couple of kilometers from our installation in Puel-vun Supe, so the Namele was consecrated in Ceremony and then carried by men of both families to be planted there.

Afterwards, once the Ceremony was completed, we set about the feast – bunier of root veggies, naalot, and extra specialties… Neighboring chiefs joined us for the pleasures such events spread in the lands. These ceremonies are meaningful to the lives of our local families …and will be remembered across the generations that were witness to them. No one left hungry…

So here we are, this is where we have come to… we are about to receive the blessing for which East of Eden was created. I should be more excited perhaps, but an extraordinary canopy of deep satisfaction has spread over us. The first of our family [three children] have arrived. And the rest will follow in the next week or so. It is a watershed moment in the history of the world. And it comes with that special feeling when you know you are part of the evolution of Life.
All that we have waited for …is to appear. Yes, life is a miracle.

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What Glorious Creator Wrought This Miracle http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/22/what-glorious-creator-wrought-this-miracle/ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/22/what-glorious-creator-wrought-this-miracle/#respond Fri, 22 Jun 2018 09:19:15 +0000 http://east-of-eden.org/?p=1579 Above all we are asked to wake up …to be conscious of who and what we are …to then live here accordingly …for we shall have recovered our Divine root and resumed our Sacred path.

We inherited a gorgeous Earth. Look around you. It came with absolute Love, was given to us with unstinting Generosity – all that could be conceived was offered to us. The miracle then was everything we ever wished it to be…

Like all newly created Life in such a richly endowed environment, we proliferated and diversified …becoming a significant part of the nurturing, creative rhythm we were part of and learning how to reflect it in everything we were and did.

We lived upon the Earth in harmony. For so many eons we learned more and more about it …and about ourselves, each other …the animals and fishes. Like all of them we became beautiful and talented and capable…

But we finally, too, got to know things about ourselves we should have just shut our eyes to …and dismissed. Sadly, we didn’t let them go …instead harbored these new personal and self-centered things …until they revealed in us a dimension Earth never intended… Once we took ‘ownership’ of such newly-minted ideas about ourselves, a paradigmatic change overcame the whole Earth.

Since we couldn’t stop meandering into such worlds that now only we would create, what became of the miracle turned into schemes and delusions… Of course they were never ‘sustainable’ …but who wanted to see that …we were having so much fun! Well, many of us were…

Although it was time to return to our true selves, we had lost sight of what that was… we could no longer evolve beyond the morass we had established… but were reluctant to do it. The status quo was getting ‘better’ …and we were getting fatter.

So did we become compromised …all of us; the animals too; in fact, the whole ‘ship of fools’… So, as in all stories, the end must come. Here, now the end has come!

So, then, did we set out to regain our proper place in the Tree of Life …it will not be an easy path now, but that is of little matter …that we are together is all that matters …for we are the Rainbow …trees, grass ….animals, birds, fishes … true! all life. It is time!

What glorious Creator that wrought this miracle…!


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Time – 31 Oct 2014 – Revised http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/time-31-oct-2014-revised/ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/time-31-oct-2014-revised/#respond Wed, 06 Jun 2018 07:08:57 +0000 http://east-of-eden.org/?p=692
“Time evolves… [as Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman said in a deep, reassuring, mellifluous voice]…” How else can we measure evolution; we are enabled to decipher our progress against the ‘insanity’ in and around us …indeed, such reflection will show us the extent to which we have succumbed to the psychological, physical and spiritual dis-eases afflicting the human condition.
Nearly every, even marginally, conscious person has become aware that the ‘para-dime’ is ill, that the Earth is suffering …but that all will incur the consequences of the mess it has become …is hidden at their insistence. Yet one must ask: can we resolve the karmic inevitability we have incurred? Only by accepting responsibility for it, even if it remains a mystery. Whereupon an increased clarity will suggest a course of action.
This may very well be the last of the days we can still enjoy ‘quiet time’ …soon after the last of the two red moons the warning they came to foretell will be completed.
In some spate of good fortune we have embarked on that part of the journey that leads to the exalted state of CommUnion …as we heeded the voice of the Divine Nature within us. So hear me now: we are to gather within a place of subtle energies, to explore the magic where singularity becomes plurality. What message we can share …is that common vision rises above personal evolution …as that is what led us to the sacred garden. Just coming here was a joyous step into the higher dimension CommUnity offers.
Now the ‘journey’ is become poignant and dramatic.
Contrasted against the increasingly critical conditions outside of this sanctuary, from here we can see the drama unfold …just as was always expected. The underbelly of devolution surrounds us …is laid bare – there is no more mysterious power to co-opt by those who call themselves ‘leaders’. They thought they were stealing them anyway. Man’s sojourn through the fourth world is virtually over.
We are reminded, these last days, of our brethren who were dispatched to the four winds by Grandfather (Konkachila as our Indian brethren call him). The mission given to them …was to find that special something each could bring back to the waiting collective – they would know when they saw it. All they needed …was to recover the ‘purpose’ they had lost. How many times was reprieve given…? Many of them saw this as a unique opportunity specially afforded them and inclined to the myriad seductions they would encounter.
From those long-ago days until now …they turned to the artifices they were able to construct …knowing not that they would perish with them.
Now it is Time… Renewal has begun – the cycle of purification leading up to it was concluded on 21.12.2012. The riddle it presented at the time was only seen by those who were already awake. Now come the four blood-red moons to announce the finale. There is precious little left of what one would call Time even though we are in a relatively quiet moment …it is truly calm before the storm.
Those who benefitted most from the delusion, are on the threshold of panic …taking a last draft of anaesthetic. They know the storm clouds are gathering…!

This is a very special pause; in every sense of the word we are naked …the season is upon us [it is Spring in this hemisphere]. It matters not which of us is right about the Divine Mystery [as we now refer to Grandfather].
All that is left for us …is to embrace our brethren even as they are caught up still in the para-dime. Goodwill grows freely in our garden. We know we are sheltered and thus flourish …for what is revealed here, is freely available to all …it is the fruit of CommUnion.
In this perhaps fretful moment, there is not much more to say… the Hopi Elders and others of our Indigenous Brethren …have borne this vision in their blood for many winters… to them we are grateful and humble …joyed to be family once more with them…

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The Emergence 19-23 May 2016 http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/the-emergence-19-23-may-2016/ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/the-emergence-19-23-may-2016/#respond Wed, 06 Jun 2018 06:59:50 +0000 http://east-of-eden.org/?p=688
Because of Pi …whose vibe caught my attention way back …there was really no way I could not go to Palawan Island, Philippines for the event he had inspired. I had much to share with others who might ‘SEE’ the vision I am serving. Surely this could be the appropriate venue for a Rainbow Warrior.

On my arrival, Pi and I communed for a long, loving while – it was in the Path. During the next days, due to the heavy attendance [it turned out there were 77 of us] his attention was taken with the event this gorgeous spectrum represented. Only on Sunday did he suggest I share with everyone my thoughts …I would be first on the last day of it, Monday.

I finally understood the underlying reason I had come …it was to share the enormous grief I had taken upon myself …on realizing more and more the profound carnage we have brought into our Mother’s hearth…and particularly, poignantly, the violence we [H. sapiens] are uniquely responsible for …and, finally, for the great failure of purpose for which we came…!

I spoke to the miraculous expression of nature this gorgeous bio-diversity represented by our manifold entry onto the stage of our Loving Mother Earth …shared the joy we felt in the proliferation of the many kindred spirits that were obviously, and collectively, a close family given to us, just like 100 monkeys…!

I pointed out the many different species of Hominid whose birth we celebrated and shared as our own ….and wept for the demise of the glorious fulfillment our destiny had once implied …at our failure.

So, now, to the obvious and tragic …these – our! – precious brethren are no more… Only we, a lonely, entropic remnant species …are still here.

In spite of it all – the great tragedy this acknowledges – somehow we can still gather and share what is left of their precious genomes. We who still, euphemistically, call ourselves ‘Homo sapiens’. The remnant has somehow ‘survived’; a miracle …since we were responsible for their genocides. And we came to ironically call ourselves the ‘survived of the fittest’…

This was the grief I came to share …for it is a burden too great for me alone to bear.

I looked around my audience. My brothers and sisters gathered before me were quiet and reflective. I had implored them to share the responsibility for a monumentally tragic failure…

Then I inclined the LovingKindness I felt so clearly to embrace the entire community of life around this beautiful space. Pi, Shant and the others had wrought this sacred space …and I had come to honor them …even the trees and grass …and the wind.

It is true we can not know where we are going, or why …unless we know from where and what we have come. How can One know Oneself without being conscious of everything…? Is the continuum not whole?.

Then did I invite them to journey back down the red river, the pool we now bathed in …to travel all the way back, even unto when our blood was green .,,before we rose beyond the sweet horizon around us now. Let us go there together, you and I…

Dear Ones, Children of the Earth, come gather in the creche of the new world …for the final crisis of the old is nigh. There is little time to prepare for the transcendence we have dreamt so long.

It was never other than by evolution that the future replaced the past, that the infant dream, even it is born in a moment, may well have taken an eon to gestate…

Before I leave now, I would remind us one last time …’Letting Go’ without ‘taking care’ …is merely another act of self-service. Thus it is simply meaningless in the end …curious how many of us are enthralled by our own concern with divinity…!


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Seeing is Believing – Reflection May 9, 2016 http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/seeing-is-believing-reflection-may-9-2016/ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/seeing-is-believing-reflection-may-9-2016/#respond Wed, 06 Jun 2018 06:47:11 +0000 http://east-of-eden.org/?p=677
It is now more than three Moons since the Emergence/Convergence at Maia Earth Village…

What I posted in the reflection following this gathering …continues to resonate and give rise to details I could never have imagined before. I brought to light at Maia the most profound grief that lurks in our shadow; we have never owned up to it. Although I expressed it in a non-specific context, the implication is as troubling as anything one could ever conceive…! The Truth now so expressed …would have been overwhelming in any earlier context – as it was I don’t think many are ready for the conclusion my shame implied…

Little did I know before such reflection that this was the root reality that gave birth to East of Eden. As compelling as it was then, at the convergence, it continues to evolve now. And as it becomes clearer in light of the bizarre phenomena increasingly gripping the world …it also becomes easier to communicate.

Again and again …one word that grew out of this vision reappears …the insistent admonition: “Listen”

Now you can also face the Truth; if you do not hear the voices of the natural world – its living children – then reflect deeply upon it.  Yu no harem long oli songs?  There is no other way to hear. Everything alive and conscious …is speaking, sharing its Truth! Those who do not “hear” are the bereft. If only we had learned to listen…

So then …now you will understand why we are gathering. Yet each of you must know for what for you were called…
= = = = = = =
In times past I tried to reach you; I referred to the ‘terminal decision’ it took to get here. In the most specific way, I tried to describe 
the way to the CommUnity EdenHope wanted so much to be…

In one’s own mirror, terminal meant that such a decision could only come once a point in one’s life – from which there is no return …is reached. When, beyond that threshold, decisions are made to last forever [our older brothers referred to seven generations…] And those that are not are simply discarded …as indeed detritus should be… The root, truth, is the only sustainable.

Loving is such a terminal decision. What normally passed for love …only fills some prepositioned space in the grand illusion we euphemistically referred to as ‘life’ …in truth, we no longer live ‘there’ – such are the moments from which no return is ever again possible.

This story will not be devalued by resorting to metaphor …for each of us knows what these glimpses of clarity are… Each of us has experienced them. Whether or not we were prepared to accept them then; they were special …and remain so, even today. Denying them has become the default mechanism of a dying breed – it is what led to alienation and disconnection. Whereupon we embarked on yet another ‘elusion’ [somewhere between illusion and delusion]. To break that habit …will take all the energy we can summon …if we are ready to exorcise the constructs we chose …and in which we suffer.

Yes, it is time for the Children to gather, time for them to listen …for the great story they are to be part of …will be shared with them in yet another dimension, not the already failed one…

So now the circle is manifest. The Rainbow Children are gathering in the East of Eden …finally putting an end to Mothers’  labor; she is already gestating the new species – it is time for her Warriors to come…




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An Intriguing Reflection On the Four Directions April 2016 http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/an-intriguing-reflection-on-the-four-directions-april-2016/ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/an-intriguing-reflection-on-the-four-directions-april-2016/#respond Wed, 06 Jun 2018 06:36:57 +0000 http://east-of-eden.org/?p=667
The world of Anthropology was upended recently by extraordinary information flowing from a new discovery. Some eight years ago, in a remote cave named Denisova in Siberia, a researcher found an artifact [of jewelry] and two fossilized pieces of the anatomy of a person = a tooth and a piece of [pinky] bone. As it turns out, the fossils, with new and more accurate than ever analytical equipment, threw up the fact that the genetic antecedents of this ‘person’ were unlike any we have ever seen before …and went back more than 300,000 years and possibly as much as 500,000 years, just like the Neanderthal. The new species of hominid apparently left Africa hundreds of thousands of years before modern Homo sapiens did, just like its now-extinct cousin in Europe…

Now, as was also reported recently,…“While Neanderthals contributed to the DNA of all modern humans excluding indigenous Africans, Denisovan DNA can only be found in people indigenous to Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Australia and other parts of Melanesia. In fact, the researchers estimate that up to 6% of the genomes of modern-day Papuans [Melanesians] derive from Denisovans.”

This knowledge will soon enough come to the local indigenous population but it will come as somewhat of a shock …since the present view of their ancestry is quite blurred beyond the 3,500 years ago when the ‘Lapita‘ people settled into some of these islands now called the Republic of Vanuatu. The only evidence of that sojourn is found in the shards of elaborately designed pottery they left in settlements here in Vanuatu.

All this has contributed significantly to my growing more conscious of the need to preserve this genome found in the indigenous ni-Vanuatu …more than ever since my adoption seven years ago into the chiefly family of the Tavues of Matantas. It has actually brought me much closer to them as a people. And it has deepened my sense of their culture.

That my adoption also resulted ultimately in the land being ‘given’ to me – the land that is now devoted to the new East of Eden Project/Community – is certainly consequential. The new Project, I call it Phase II, is more temporal than EdenHope. But then it is not just the mountain range that runs down the whole of the west coast and its Northern Peninsula that separates us – it is the evolutional purpose embodied in our new vision, expressed also in our being described as ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ …so the gathering of a Rainbow of Children firmly establishes the vision in its own light.

Regardless of the more personal interest that caused me to explore the ‘Culture’ here, I have come away from the immediate tensions I was immersed in with greater than ever clarity …and gladly share that here. Many more than Hopi Chief Dan have drawn our attention to the command given us by Great Spirit …to go to the Four Directions …and one day, when we have found the wisdom that was scattered to the winds during the separation, we are to bring it back to those who are no doubt waiting, perhaps even desperately – for we have arrived at the most critical time we, as a species, have ever faced …let alone all the other life we have leaned so heavily upon…

I see now that the rich lore we gained through our divergent histories are now being summoned …to be restored in a new world that honors Great Spirit [our Loving Creator] …and in becoming the People GrandFather always knew we would be …when he would once again be our Divine Father …and we his Children. Aho!

Thus do we also honor our womenfolk …for they have been given the womb of our Divine Mother …and to bring forth the future we have longed for …for so long.

It is so clear, all Culture must be shed, as we embark once again on the Great Work…!



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A Meditation At The Edge Of Being And Not-Being… http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/664/ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/664/#respond Wed, 06 Jun 2018 06:32:40 +0000 http://east-of-eden.org/?p=664
Over our many years together – and no shortage of adventures – Ruth and I often took note of a special protection we seemed to enjoy …as our life was more often than not spent walking on the edge of a knife. She referred to the mysterious help as the …‘bluebird on our shoulder’. No matter the critical nature of what we experienced – there was no shortage of profound challenges – the outcome somehow always turned into a success; even when it didn’t appear so at those dramatic moments that seemed otherwise. The ‘bluebird’ really never failed…


Going to the edge recently, was very different from those many previous events, but this one also played out on a knife edge. Perhaps,though, it now had a velvet edge. The issue this time was my health; very different from the run-of-the-mill crises we shared before…


For one long moment that would have stretched the patience of a less stalwart spirit than Ruth’s, I drifted deeper into that singular zone each of us must ultimately face …on the other side of which – separated only by a finite veil – is that old inevitability …where consciousness ends …and an all too familiar mystery plays on… Interestingly, it was more comfortable being there than I expected …that’s how it is when one is at peace.


During my recovery, I chanced upon some new understandings that I want to share with you here. To experience any such horizon-wide perspectives is a gift one can only describe with humility …it is as if moments of clairvoyance mysteriously stop at one’s station, left there with some of the stars in heaven. The view from this bridge of mine is such that I must strive with all I can bring to bear to help you understand what is happening …with so much more about to happen, and so soon! …and because this final state of affairs will be increasingly critical for you …way beyond the realization inevitably growing in you that ‘something’ is really wrong…! Yes, the ‘world’ is finally going to understand that it was inevitable …from the first misstep taken. For we have despised the world …and heaped contempt upon it …not remembering it was our sacred duty to serve it…


Note that in these past ten days or so, since the UN Report on Climate Change was released, we have seen a flood of articles in dire agreement, aware that the report was watered down by the criminal agendas of the world’s powers that can no longer deny it… Just contemplate for a moment that this is but one of the myriad icebergs out there, that await our ‘Titanic’ ship of fools!


Now, when did all this begin…? One could say …thousands of years ago. The writings of seers and sages on every continent invariably understood the truth so, then, we dismissed them. Such is the character of a species that is no longer relevant… Only evolving [awakening spirits] were privy to the mystery. Now that we have entered the final act it is important that all see and understand – the consequence of indifference is the only probable future left to them.


Now, going back, you may recall references [made previously in this blog] to the ‘sysygy’ of 1962; when the cover of Time Magazine ‘warned’ we had come to the ‘end of the world’. If one had understood galactic time then, one would have better appreciated that the Mayan calendar was spot on, pointing to ‘the‘ defining moment fifty years hence, when ‘time’ would be ‘over’ …with the new world fully committed to replacing the old one.


I wonder now how many understood that fifty years hence 21.12.12 would be seen for what it was …in a purification time that would last one hundred and one years [101]! And that the first half of would be internal and personal to each of us …while the second half would see the dissolution of the old world …and its replacement with a new world.


In the proximate shoulders of the apogee – perhaps some few years on either side – very little would appear to change …but as the inclination becomes increasingly acute, visible reality will take on new meaning, like the plunge of a roller-coaster just creeping over the top [remember the ‘Cyclone’ at Coney Island?]. Now, tonight we are to be treated to the first of four blood-red moons – there will be three more in the next year or so. You will soon realize it is too late…!!??


These next few years of accruing crises will lower the threshold for the onset of panic – as by the end of this near-term period, the inevitability of our quandry will be clear. And along with that clarity, the prevailing delusion …will no longer be credible. What will happen then? …it doesn’t take a genius to see…!


This compelling vision is for those evolutional creatures who are called to serve the new world …as little to none of the old world will be left once the ‘purification’ is over. In the words of WS: “…the evil that men do …lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones”. So it appeared these many years …the sleepwalkers could say: “…it’s always been that way!” …just as it was said on the day after 22.12.12 …and every day thereafter.


Thus we shall speak as one: “…never again”.


Now …you were invited on this journey; so sit back – enjoy the ride…

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On Reflection…’CommUnity’ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/on-reflection-community/ http://east-of-eden.org/2018/06/06/on-reflection-community/#respond Wed, 06 Jun 2018 06:11:09 +0000 http://east-of-eden.org/?p=644

CommUnity is a marquee-word we shall henceforth use to better expresses the breadth and heights of our family commitment …it speaks from the heart about our life with each other [all of ‘us’] – it totally expresses our vision for EdenHope, our love for all we share in around us. It speaks to our hope of fulfilling our purpose, to the ultimate journey we have taken …which we seek to honor even as we proceed …this reflection is just another window into our life…

We EdenHope people see this, our beloved ‘place’, as an entirety – as man, we know we are but a fragment of it, but we also ‘know’ with all our heart that we are here to care for all that has been entrusted to us here, even our physical selves; for this is the purpose our divine nature has carved out for us. No longer is it possible to harbor a narrower view of ‘us’ [human beings] – we are the trees, the river, the birds, the bush, the rocks …even the wind …these are all our communUnity. We live in the special light of that discovery – we are all of us at Peace …we are family.

‘The above’ is our agenda …the high point of our life …greater than anything that might possibly reflect our individuality. We have alluded to this view in previous ‘reflections’ …but now we see so much deeper into a perspective that was nascent then, and narrower …when it was first expressed. Thus awareness of this phenomenon just continued to grow as we continue to experience the inner and outer space of our ‘beings’. So we are looking for the words that permit you, too, to appreciate what we are up to in this far-out corner of the world. Many of our readers – especially, volunteers – have wondered, and asked, what is our life like here? What shall I expect? …magic! if you are ready…

So, about life here and the way we want to shape it, we have just come to a consensus that ‘volunteers’ who have not been vegetarian or vegan for some time …will not be invited to EdenHope henceforth. Since it is inconceivable that potential members will be ‘anything’ else, how could it be possible for us to continue sharing this sacred space with anyone still engaged in carnage. Such commitment to the peaceful path is centered upon compassion for the lives of others …and it has little if any basis in ‘personal’ well-being …another blind for ego balm. Those who don’t understand this from their own journey cannot possibly resonate with ours. So we have become simply less inclined than ever to entertain the company of those who feed themselves …by taking the lives of others!

Thus do we acknowledge the crisis on Earth …and know that time is of the essence!

Prior to EdenHope, neither Ruth nor I had ever contemplated community; the idea of it wasn’t yet a conscious part of our life. But then, it just became the nexus of our reality; we had yet to understand it, but were always seeking it …without knowing it as the oh-so-clear objective it is now. So it becomes especially poignant as we openly embrace others who would join us at EdenHope, even for just a visit, before we invite you into this sacred realm, this secret space we share with angels …we will ask you to fast from flesh for three days before you come.

EdenHope has never been anything but a very special event. Now it’s an even more powerful experience – a vivid, living mantra…
So Ruth and I have been learning much more about ‘CommUnity’ …especially since we were re-joined by our beautiful and loving young sister who had come last year with her young man in tow…

So in this ‘reflection’ we will also set about clearing up some of the mystery, perhaps, of what was surely the most significant experience we’d had yet of …commUnity.

Resolution only came after nearly a year of turmoil. Is it possible that we had held an imperfect view of CommunUnity? It was certainly true that there were distortions in the fragile ‘system’ we had created; and were occasioned only once we accepted the two youngsters as a real possibility for EdenHope permanent membership. The prelude and overture of our beginning together …was auspicious enough …the prospect of their fresh sensitivity to all we had grown accustomed to …was thrilling, so refreshing. The prospect of their youth and beauty, and loving intention was absolutely beguiling. It added new dimension to our longing …for EdenHope’s fullness.

However, distortions in our separate perceptions did then arise, displacing the fragile confidence contained in our hopes. The mirror began to reflect differing realities, in opposition to the trust we had to share…. It hardly makes any difference as to which reality was ‘true’…but loss of confidence had begun to weigh on the fragile momentum of our commUnity…

The only way to describe the distress we were experiencing …at the futility of holding this young pair in our arms …was the realization that they [he] must leave to go on walkabout [Ruth and I obviously could not] …It was so painfully clear that the young man was nowhere near ready for the ‘EdenHope’ experience …whereas she was …but we could not possibly interfere in the relationship they’d brought with them – although neither of us could not fully fathom it…

The agony of this conclusion was yet to be made clear …but the decision was dramatic enough to profoundly affect us all. Thus it had to be aggravated still more by pressing this [only possible] solution left to us. …whatever the underlying dissonances were that had brought the situation to a head …they all revolved around the fundamental issue of trust. Trust is the only basis there can be for a future with each other …and a mutual commitment to such intention was the missing sine qua non. Only once this occurred could our unity be restored.

Resolution was finally sealed with his decision to return home; it was a sad young man who left us. The outcome was not what one would have wished, but was in the end inevitable …and did the least harm to all. Each had to leave …as they came …to go on ‘walkabout’ …but hers was, more than anything else, a small inner circle.

Well she not only survived the transition and became a star in the EdenHope galaxy …but did so with a grace, love and compassion unknown to any but the blessed …while the young man returned to whence he’d come from …to find something he’d lost ‘there’ – perhaps he has finally begun ‘his walkabout’…

Our young sister thus returned with us to the hearth of EdenHope …where we are strong together and surging forward in the progress we had each been longing for…

= = = = =

On a number of occasions in past ‘reflections’ as well as on our website …we have alluded to the fact that the decision to be part of EdenHope …must be, for each of us, an event as ‘final’ as birth, or death. It can come only once one reaches the absolute conclusion that one’s role in the suicidal paradigm is over …and then only after one realizes that little to no further prospect exists within the matrix for the future of a more humane species…. Nor should any of the entropic mess it is become …be dragged into the Divine presence of the Rainbow Dreamer!

So we reach our destination here …singing out to all our family. We encourage you to make ceremony …and listen to the wind …if you do hear the message, count your blessings… and let us know.

LovingKindness all…

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