Community Description

“the time of the lone wolf is over…..” We return to our Sacred Nature… and there affirm our CommUnity …we are at last in the East of Eden.

In this special space …we celebrate the dream we had, since birth, realized in our hearts …only now we come to manifest it in a higher vibration of reality. This is our divine destiny …at one with the trees, animals, birds, sky, water, earth, stars …and each other. We are a family ….and our place is at the center of the dream.

We have come …to be what we were meant to be. It is, after all, just that simple…

Our life, now, is focused upon the fresh soil of the new world …and letting go of the whole tainted paradigm we shed in coming home… Such is the sweet atmosphere we have returned to…

So much harm has been done to Mother Earth and her Children …that the whole of the natural world is aggrieved. So we come forth …reflecting in ourselves and each other …the profound Love we had preserved ….and thus express our most humble gratitude…

“we are free at last… !”

“…The time of the lone wolf is over – gather yourselves” …these compelling words of Hopi Chief Martin were heard by many; but heeded by few – …we who are inspired are here.

In the final hours …we come to honor Great Spirit. And in an act of mercy …leave the ‘life’ we came to know so well …to its own inheritance.

East of Eden is, then, a portal for transcending the known world …for the Dream we always carried. It honors the sacred path, inclines to purity …Lives fully, and conclusively, in Love. It is all that was ever free…

Being acutely aware of the emergent crisis around us – unfathomable though it may be by all previous experience …and even as the hapless world around us stumbles through its final delusions …we remember to honor it with the words “…never again!”

Children of the Earth …gather in this sacred circle…. hasten upon the Dream … weave the cloth …dawn awaits.

We are gathering at the very edge of the earth – that’s where Espiritu Santo really is – we have learned our lessons well – we know that to protect our progeny – our destiny – we had to separate from the paradigm we had been… Each of us was/is/are singularly and collectively responsible – as there is only one standard of accountability… [Karma is absolute and inevitable]

So we come now to this, our land – all ten or twelve thousand acres of it. It is once again entrusted to this, our family. We take it up in pieces of twelve to many more acres …and in whole. It is, at the end ….as it was at the beginning …ours to care for!

We shall know who has become true to their Nature – they shall vest in the East of Eden Foundation …by the care they will have taken. It may take time; it may be immediate – but everyone is responsible for their own trip when …the ship’s leaves are shaken…

I, papa bear, have brought forth this land from the past …to be given unto you in care… the whole responsibility for this Land was given to me [for several generations] by my Kastom brothers and our extended family [in Vanuatu, only families – tribes and clans – ‘own’ land]. It is their understanding that the land will be leased [at some pre-determined nominal rate] to the East of Eden Foundation for the purposes disclosed.

Even as some issues attendant upon the land bequeathed to [me] us appear to persist …they are being settled in Kastom now and will be soon ratified by Constitutional Law. Nonetheless our right to enjoy this land was given to me in ceremonies that made it so and was witnessed by many of the chiefs and elders of the surrounding communities. This is the serious business of Kastom.

Now this land is to be purified by you …from its foundation in yesterday’s Dream …to its destiny in our children’s hands – for it is a Sacred undertaking …Love will transcend all that was previously manifest, That’s all there is to it. Life is free – and so are we…!

East of Eden expresses no orthodoxy, no doctrine; no system of belief …it has only the Love of Great Spirit’s to guide it …we already live beyond the horizon… I, papa bear, am no guide …it is the Great Master we all serve. We have no other ‘Leader’.

You will continue to live, build and grow a shared life all around you …as an ‘eco-village’ …in ‘permaculture’… in Communion with each other and the Creation around us. As little intercourse with the still-present paradigm as possible will teach us how little it is ‘needed’. Until such time as we understand our perimeter must be sealed – and access made impassible …we shall learn the ways of new world. This is our Living Dream.

Our family will learn how to live in Communion with its True Nature… All we ever wanted or needed was here – the bush feeds, houses and nurtures us [as needed] – we will want for nothing… It is all free.

Beloved Rainbow Family …Children of the Earth …take up your place …now is the time you have waited for… But consider well …are you really ready for this…?

        “When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying,
a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds,
and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again.
They will be known as Warriors of the Rainbow”