‘East of Eden’

We are of one mind – “…it is time to gather . the time of the lone wolf is over”. This is a mantra.

We came to remote bush [mostly unspoiled forest] to establish there a Community of Conscious [mostly] Children. It is to be inaccessible [if not impregnable] to the Paradigm. On the basis of what is true of the past – the Fourth World – they shall create a new reality through a natural evolution …prepared here in the manifest dimension, they will prepare to transcend to the higher vibrational 5th dimensional world.

We take Community to its most profound truth: living in Communion.

By this process – much like that of an Ark – we can separate from collective karma its consequences.

Our Children will learn and live a Natural way of life …not just for the benefit of the ‘members’ …but the entire ecology with which we are family [and part].

We came from here, yes …but it appears we have forgotten ‘where’ we come from. Nor did we ever learn ‘why’ we came here. Perhaps we are sufficiently chastened now…

A new world is indeed birthing ….even as the old one is dying So much harm has been done to – the entire natural world is aggrieved. So now we let us accept to resolve the enigma. Being aware …let us acknowledge the beauty preserved in us. Thus do we also experience our gratitude…

We acknowledge Native American spirit-vision for the simple Truth it has bequeathed us!

Let us listen… the conscious are already free…

“…The time of the lone wolf is over – gather yourselves” … said Hopi Chief Martin some years ago. It has been heard by many …but seen by few. Yet this advice inspires and guides us to seek the CommUnion That is the final lesson.

That we have come …in these final hours to challenge ourselves …and finally honor the Love of Great Spirit. And in a last act of irony …leave the world to those who see in it only their own inheritance.

In its death-throes, the paradigm is transfixed with itself. The tragedy is overwhelming…

East of Eden is a point of departure into another dimension. It follows only the path of Love. In the world we have left there is little left for us …perhaps some music, art, writing …some of the few old ways we learned to express our highest possibilities.

…even as mankind stumbles through its ultimate delusion, a blind and hapless collective failure… we resist and dream the future into being. Listen…

We finally got it :..but could not overcome the burden of collective karma. Certainly not ialone – do you remember Yeshua’s final plea! The dilemma we faced was never as critical as now – this last ‘go-round’ has turned into total lunacy…!

The Children of the Earth are the only ones capable of finding their way out. of it..

* * *

East of Eden supports no orthodoxy, has no doctrine; we have no system of belief …not even a ‘leader’. Yet do we honour the Universe Great Spirit so Loves …and thus pursue a way to serve it. We already live beyond the horizon of the ‘paradime’ …and hold the future in a circle – our beloved Rainbow Family …we look to the Children to ifill out the Vision – they were always our future.

For those who see, and resonate with it …now is the time…

But consider it well; do check out our filial Community at www,edenhope.org Perhaps what you are seeking may well be found there…

* * *

We are fully aware of the emergent crisis around us. It is unfathomable by previous experience. So we leave it now… Karma is absolute and inevitable. Let us hasten upon the path these Dreamers must take – the Fifth World awaits us… It is time to separate from the paradigm …to transcend it …weaving our cloth anew –
the dawn manifests…

We who stand at the very edge of infinity …now remember our roots in yesterday’s Child, just as our future is in the world to which that child will lead …we are in a Sacred Space… Even though it had been forgotten, we knew one day it would again be remembered …and so it is! And honored.

“When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying,
a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds,
and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again.
They will be known as Warriors of the Rainbow”