Reflections… ‘East Of Eden’ Emerges From ‘EdenHope’

Once again, in the tradition I developed over the last eight years …here is the first ‘Reflection’ for East of Eden. With it, I hope to shed some light on our path. EdenHope proceeds, meanwhile, on its own distinct vision-path; as is evident from their website.

As of this moment, I alone speak for East of Eden; although we shall be twice the size of EdenHope in a month or so. We are also a Foundation now and have land, enough for all we could wish. Certain flailing disputes about whose land it is have commanded our attention, but we shall unravel these irksome attempts at discord behind us soon enough. As of this writing, we accept the challenge as part of the birthing process. It’s also quite Melanesian in character …nonetheless, truth will prevail; it always does – as does our commitment to the CommUnity we are dreaming.

In a rather iconic turn of events … I still represent EdenHope Foundation as joint Councilor with Ruth although, albeit passively, I left EdenHope and its CommUnity in order to pursue an increasingly compelling vision that none there shared.

How two such quintessential realities might remain in a filial relationship …is really not surprising though – as there is a strong bond of Love between us. Ruth and I are powerfully connected …and love each other after 45 years of partnership [even more so now]. My connection also includes the younger brothers and sisters who remain there with her; and others I had to leave behind, like the tree who told me he loves me and the bird who woke me each day.

The distinctive setting of East of Eden – on lands 23 kms ESE of EdenHope –  were ‘owned’ by my brothers: Solomon, Ezra and Elden Tavue [into which family I was adopted more than five years ago]. They did not even occupy a paragraph in this story …but might well have …had the opportunity occurred earlier. No, it was only the comprehensive dynamic of my evolving vision that moved the family …so that they offered it to me. Then that possibility matured during a marriage ceremony for their/our four sons [Solomon’s and Purity’s] on 18 December 2014 at Big Bay.

That my Custom brother would simply say: “we will give you our lands” … is perhaps as mysterious as what seems my inevitable ‘return’ to them. I know I am home – home at last! So that’s how these 4,000ha or so [almost 10,000 acres] came to be confided to me. It is but one story in the sacred outcome of the vision I serve.

After all, it is vision that determines our lives. Many times I tried to convey this evolving vision to them there …as the imminent crisis in the paradigm became compellingly clear – you realize, of course, we still share what we are facing. Moreover, I saw clearer than ever …my role in the evolving scenario. But none of them, not Ruth, nor Shyam, nor Janacki appreciated what I was sharing – or if they did at all, it was reality of little interest.

But for me, the growing immediacy of the vision and its implications became so compelling by year-end 2014 that I knew I had to leave the loving-space of EdenHope and the sweet CommUnity …to set out once again to serve the vision I ‘saw’…  Each CommUnity must reflect a common vision.

Now I can articulate the vision for you. Essentially procreative …it honors our Loving Nature. Children have always been the way to the future. We can not wait for the esoteric ‘flow’ to bring these [Rainbow] Children to us – we need to realize the future now …manifesting ‘the’ evolutionary path without further delay.

We need their higher vibrational reality for the most trying time we will ever have experienced …so to consciously make ourselves a new species, and in a new dimension.

Thus will we once recover the heaven we lost – yes, we will still call it the same living and loving world. But now we must survive the transition. Those who recognize themselves as warriors, and who understand their highest purpose is to protect these Children […must now perform. Thereupon we shall live through them as we were always meant to…

So, then …let us shield them even as the death throes of the paradigm swirl around us more than at any time in our history …as this entropic species we have become …is increasingly subsumed in a terminal struggle with itself!

Does this come as a surprise to you-? Mankind has long since failed Creation – in fact disdained it! Even those who try to live beyond this dreadful reality, who consider themselves spirit beings preparing for the ascension …have not yet grasped the ‘reality’ of the transformation we are facing …but they will. In that inevitable moment when ‘day’ becomes ‘night’ …it becomes clear.

In sharing this widely …it is also my aim to attenuate the mystery that has arisen …as well to clarify the way forward. Perhaps you will better appreciate why …in the eightieth year of my life I set out on yet another adventure:- which ‘where?’ would soon become East of Eden …it was as much a surprise to me as it is, no doubt, to you. Perhaps by the time you leave this page you will have a better idea of why this inevitable course was set…

Here I acknowledge and share my gratitude for the Native American spirit-vision I encountered on this journey – esp. that of the Hopi, For they have spoken more directly to me than all the ‘rest’ – and indeed I have seen many examples of such esoteric systems of belief in the journeys I have so far completed. Finally I came to deeply appreciate our Indian brethren for their humility …and for the immediately clear presence by which their prophesy attaches to our collective consciousness. In their reflection, I saw myself and my purpose…

I am sure of their insights …much more certain than I was in the allegory, metaphor and mystery of the more sophisticated spiritual constructs, those embalmed in a shrouded reality …as evolving Nature overwhelms them. Thus leaving them bound to an arcane and moribund reality …we take our leave. For once you have learned to see and hear …you know the Great One Created no mystery – that is the Truth of LOve.

It is not that I am opposed to such other spiritual perspectives [how could one be?] – it is just that the Hopi, the Kogi, the Apache, the Iriquois, Chief Seattle …in fact all who saw through shadow and reflected on substance …saw the advancing state of dis-integration around them …as profoundly real. I have referred here to some; I also mean this brief summary to be inclusive of all…

Looking back upon the Judaism of my birth …even in its more cosmic form [of Kabbalah] it does not arrive at the simple vision of my ‘savage’ brethren. Nor have the Christian, Rastafarian or Muslim derivatives of the twelve tribes …or the Eastern systems of complex deities (as in Vedic scripture) …or the esoteric logic of Buddhism (and zen) that comes so close …and God-only-knows what others between and beyond, such as and including Yogic tradition …none of them describe the present crisis and its way to solution with the simplicity of our Indian brothers. Indeed ‘the’ path we must now take …was simply put:- “Gather yourselves. The time of the Lone Wolf is over…”

Our vision embraces their sacred wisdom. The Path is CommUnity …it is not possible that personal development can take us to the transcendence. Not that personal mastery is to be diminished in any way – how can optimal well-being and balance be so easily dismissed-? It’s just that history is clear, that personal perfection can not create the critical mass needed …because the collective karma of degeneration we have brought about is too heavy…

It is up to us, now, to take the evolutionary leap, to separate from the stupor into which our mortal family has driven …and fully engage with the new dimension it offers. Thus shall we deliver this birthright. And thus have I embarked upon East of Eden with such enthusiasm as I have…

We have, simply, to breach the deadly inertia around us. Even while we are still ‘engaged’ in its illusion, albeit in a diminishing role …yes, it is time, time to proceed into the fifth world [and its correlative dimension] …the outcome long ordained; though we may have forgotten how to live it… With a little effort we will soon remember.

None too soon, though; the crisis insists… But, steady! Just as we are conscious of it …we are also sure of its outcome.. Once the last of the ‘blood red moons’ this year is passed we can expect “..the chickens to come ‘home’ to roost” …so we hasten to complete East of Eden.

While the last ‘quiet time’ persists – its ragged butt-end firmly ensconced in old ways – we shall embark upon CommUnion.

Here, then, is the Revelation of East of Eden:-
The Rainbow Children shall lead the way …even the as-yet unborn, even our infants and even our old folks …shall manifest the transcendence! And we? We shall cover their path.

Which of us realized …that these Children were the Stars by which the ‘Gotterdammerung’ will be navigated…? So the Rainbow Warriors have shared this spirit-song with you… may the vision guide you …to share in the act of Creation…





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  1. Annette sutton says

    Thank you for sharing all this I am brought to tears with the beauty and power of your words Namaste and Aho

  2. says

    Appreciated the tenor(spirit) of your testimony @…….

    Came to me to send you the following link:

    (Note: the above testimony was posted in the mid 00’s during a time when my heart’s desire was to live amongst the Hopi people in Hotevilla.)

    Hoping there might fertile ground for a common union, yet it needs be i testify that that which calls itself “the rainbow family” was gendered by a false prophet and so it is that although i have attended a number of gatherings in the past i want naught to do with such now, for the fruit bears witness unto the root.

    Could be you are that false prophet, for i have forgotten his name, yet thankfully while breath(Spirit, air) is Hope IS!

    For Truth IS! and Miracles do happen…….

    And Thankfully Peace IS! in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that is of this wicked world and/or religion’s way(except it be The Active Faith of James 1:27)……. francis