‘SEE’ing…!” [fifth edit 27.05.17]

What do you see in the sky approx 200 miles north of Panama?

Many moons have passed since I attended the Emergence/Convergence at Maia Earth Village in the Philippines. Many times since, I referred to the extraordinary epiphany I shared with everyone there on the last morning of the gathering.

By the time I wrote the ‘reflection’ I posted soon after returning to Espiritu Santo, the ‘terrible’ truth I shared that day …had grown in ever-increasing amplitude as it found relevance in the mirror of reality everywhere around me..

I am convinced, now, that the vision I had shared …was/is one of the most profound insights I have ever ‘seen’. Moreover, I am sure it is a karmic burden beyond any we [the species ironically called ‘sapiens sapiens’] have ever considered ‘ours’…! Certainly it is one of which the collective is unaware…

But in the past month or two, just recently, publication of independent research has begun to scratch the surface of the mystified state of ignorance we have been living these many hundreds of thousands of years. In new versions of this reality, we are not at all the fittest species to have evolved from the dark shroud of time …but doubtless one of the most aggressive, calculating species that have ever emerged …hence we proceeded to dominate [and ultimately destroy] every other species we considered even remotely ‘challenging’. Such a sad conclusion has finally begun to present itself like any idea whose time has come …the 100 monkeys theory is ever valid.

Too few of us have connected the dots for which we are here…! Nor do we recognize just how critical our present reality is in consequence …We are on the very precipice of extinction… Objective analysis …has us squarely in the midst of a mass-extinction event.

It is generally accepted that most of us ‘caucasians continue to believe in the great deception that we are the fittest of the [many inferior] species that evolved from the phenomenally unique genus known as “Homo” …that earth expressed so hopefully in an evolutional burst of bio-diversity four million years ago or so.  Others of us are convinced our superiority comes from an extra-terrestrial [and divine] source…

Only now has the startling evidence of other-than-parochial ‘reality’ of ‘superiority’ been challenged by some adventuresome anthropologists and other scientists …and is thus offering a far more accurate perspective from which we can see ourselves.

But the dread implications of the new tragic reality defining us …has yet to be appreciated.  What is insistent, however, is a powerful need to bring the developing ‘reality’ into sharper focus. And in it, thus, the realization that our species – rampant as it is upon the earth today – was NOT the highest nor mightiest of the human family brought upon the earth so long time ago …just perhaps one of Creation’s tragic failures!

We cannot either ignore the possibility that the rich new spectrum of life expressed as Genus ‘Homo’ came upon the Earth for some particular purpose. So, when looked at through the wide angle lens of loving acceptance, there is maybe here a story far more interesting than we have previously imagined…

Perhaps when we face this truth  …we shall remember what really happened to all the other creatures of our Genus with whom we shared, such as it is, a most ‘particular’ history …since they are no longer here to tell us…!

‘Genocide’ is an inadequate descriptive to characterize what might have occurred to the rest of our family because the word has been trivialized by us as we sought to catalogue the various horrors we have inflicted upon the world. As for what horrors we are capable …one has only to look at the ‘world’ today.  Our ‘understanding’ has been comfortably diminished by applying the word ‘geno-cide’ to the fratricide we have practiced for thousands of years. We need a new word to acknowledge the full extent of the ‘final solutions’ we have wrought upon Earth… and a confession of willing complicity in the vast catalogue of crimes for which we are uniquely responsible.

Then, perhaps, we can begin to appreciate why there is embedded in the collective karma …an over-whelming grief, a culpability so great …there is no word for it in any language! The possibility of real response, then, is mired in a shame we have yet to assume …and remains effectively insulated by the arrogance so typical of us! Thus do we ignore a terrible truth: that we are trapped in a failed collective of our own making!

Thus, recalling the Convergence a year ago, when I suggested that this reality was the heaviest burden we might ever realize if we are to finally make sense of ‘our’ inheritance, I don’t think anyone fully understood it. Nor had I – not yet …in spite of such specific context – understood what was given to me to share…

The ultimate anomaly of our nature …still needs a little time to arise in the transition we are in …but not much. After all, the implications of it …are as troubling as any ever conceived…!

The painful epiphany I have been describing here would have been overwhelming from any perspective …yet the grief I had begun to express was unlike anything I had ever experienced  …I was simply compelled to share it at the Gathering in May …truth is, I could not bear it alone…

For the first time, I had began to appreciate the full dimensional reality my elder brother had expressed when he said: ‘Gather yourselves …the time of the ‘lone wolf’ is over!’  Thus was the concept of Communion and Community finally reborn in my own spirit journey …no one of us could carry this burden alone.

We speak of ‘genocide’ [when we have to…] only in the contemporary idiom …and doubtless consider it something we grasp, although we never really experienced it to the extent I am so determined to share with you now. In the deep chord of truth we need to express… ‘Genocide’ is not the simple outrage we have made it out to be. What we mean by this paltry ‘euphemism’ applies not only to the endless ethnic, racial, religious and national warfare we continue to wage upon every species …but also to ourselves …for we are, ironically, the one ‘species’ that continued to survive, arrogant in its comforting supremacy …’white’ above all… Or ‘yellow’ …whichever ‘gang’ we may express.

So, then, what I have also shared with you …is where this grief has taken me …and is now taking others. Too great to bear alone, we have to share it …to offset the burden we carry. Not many of us will go to this place of grief yet. For the truth is …it expresses both our ultimate failure… and our collective shame …and has led us to the [terminal] condition in which we find ourselves now.

Little did I realize before expressing the epiphany herein …that the source of it …had already given birth to East of Eden …and that although there is no way to mitigate the dread truth of this story …guidance could only come from acceptance of it …and thus has helped us recover our Divine Purpose…  So might we then transcend the collective burden it otherwise represents …and from which we must separate!

Thus …the Gathering of Rainbow Warriors at East of Eden. It is incumbent on us to call our progeny from the ‘four directions’ to the enlightened unity intended at this time and in this place… it is the last, only chance we will have…

Now perhaps you can appreciate how important it was to share this burden at the Convergence …and now maybe the warriors amongst you will also share the burden.

Each day we choose to accept the bizarre phenomena the world is experiencing and see the exponentially growing crisis taking hold of it …but do nothing with our own lives …we are complicit with its tragic intention. Nonetheless, I am sure the ‘event’ becomes easier to see as you pick your way through this most recently edited journey.

So let us begin here, in the all too rarified world close by …and wherever in it you find yourself …Listen!  If you do not hear the voice of the natural world – they are also the living progeny of the Creator – then reflect long and hard …consider the implications, and be so warned.

There is no way to hear but to listen …for everything in the ‘natural world’ is alive and conscious …and gladly sharing its Life with you! Those who do not “see” …or “hear” their voices …are sadly bereft!  May it be understood now why we are gathering… as each of us must know for what we are called – it is our story …our history.


= = = = = = =

You may recall that in times past when I reached out to you, I referred to the ‘terminal decision’ it took to get ‘where we are…’ Such decisions are not repeatable; they are one-way trips . That’s how you know they are real. In some certain way, I reminded you how Community and Communion are a manifestation of Unity, what we were meant much to be…

When one’s own mirror is clear, terminal decisions come easily …but only when one’s raison d’etre has reached some certain base level of maturity. You know it as a ‘place’ from which there is no return, when, once upon that threshold, forever is one’s consummate reality ….when one’s ‘singularity’ also lives its ‘plurality’…

Not killing other creatures with whom we share spirit [and eating them] …was such a decision; simply because of the reality that we are all family. Not to see this is not simply ignorant …it is insane!

Decisions that are not sustainable …must simply be discarded, as detritus. How does one then accommodate the truth that, failing to do so …is tantamount to living in a cesspit. Respect for the Tree of Life is …the only sustainability.

So, yes, Loving is a terminal, permanent decision  …not what passes for love, that only satisfies some temporal proposition in the grand delusion we euphemistically call ‘life’. In reality …we no longer ‘live’ there. Such are moments to which no return is ever again possible.

This little story cannot be conveyed by resorting to metaphor …for each of us knows what truly resonates with us… we are all experienced in ‘moments of truth’. Whether or not we are prepared to accept the outcome of our meditation …is the only issue… These are special moments; denying them is a mechanism of suicide. This is what led us to alienation and disconnect.

So as we embark on another ‘evolution’ …we are beyond delusion. Breaking the last addictions that held us like marionettes …takes all the energy one can summon. But we are prepared now …to exorcise the paradigm – confronting all its constructs that seek to overwhelm us…

Karma is absolute and inevitable!

Yes, In Lak’ech Ala K’in… it is time to bring the kids home; time to let go of all else. The Children are waiting to hear this song …for the great story it portends belongs to them …it is the story of our future; the Rainbow of our Love.

The circle is drawn; the Children are to gather now in East of Eden …and so end Mama’s grief – she needs her progeny now. Warriors, heed us now…!



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