Emergence/Convergence – Maia Earth Village – May 2016

Because of Pi …whose vibe caught my attention way back …there was really no way I could reject his invitation to go to Palawan Island, Philippines for the event he had inspired. I seriously needed to go because I had much to share, a seriously weighty burden of grief. Then, too, the family I am searching for …might also be drawn to this venue just as I was … who may also ‘SEE’ the vision I serve …and wish to share. This could well be a venue Rainbow Warriors could share…

On my arrival, Pi and I communed for a long, loving while – all in a torrential flow. During the next days, due to the heavy attendance – it turned out there were 77 of us – his attention would be taken with the spectrum of this gatherings’s agenda. Only on Sunday did he suggest I share my thoughts with the whole gathering …I would be first on the last day, Monday, if it was agreeable.

Sunday night then, I finally realized why I had come …I had been meditating on a Reality that went back eons into our past …a growing realization was taking place in my searching consciousness, so deeply disturbing I could almost not bear it. I needed to share the enormous grief it was causing me …as I had never before even glimpsed it.

The profound carnage we [H. Sapiens] have caused …for which we are collectively responsible …is mind-blowing. Once you begin to fathom such specific Truths in our history …as the violence we have inflicted upon the rest of the ‘family of man’ …the shame one feels is insupportable.

It must finally be understood that the many different species of hominids that appeared at the same time as we, were a normal expression of Nature in evolution. But over the millennia, all of these other ‘100 monkeys’ …were destroyed …by us! …

So we must acknowledge that carnage – the truth that implicates us in our fratricide, this slaughter of brothers and sisters – as ours alone. Not only does it circumscribe the catastrophic failure of our species, but in it one sees the tragedy of a Dream gone awry …and the failure of the noble purpose for which we were even conceived…!

As I spoke to this loving circle, I suggested that we had been part of a Divine expression of bio-diversity – that we were a sacred unity cast into our Loving Mother’s Earth …I spoke to the miracle of proliferation, of kindred spirits, who were collectively born [just as we] to bring Love, Peace and Harmony to the Earth …for this is the way real PermaCulture works…

In clarifying, I pointed to the many wondrous species of Hominid whose birth we were meant to celebrate and share …as our own ….I wept then for the failure of fulfillment we were meant to be…

So, in reflecting today on that tragic failure …we remember that our precious brethren are no more! Only we, lonely and unfulfilled, are still here.

Yet in spite of ourselves, and even in the truth of the great tragedy I have just described  …somehow, as a consequence of long-lost loves we [some of us] shared …are the genetic remnants of our whole true family …now-precious genomes we must ultimately protect ….or perish from the face of Creation

We who still euphemistically call ourselves ‘Homo sapiens’ …have survived’ into this final Gotterdammerung now upon us. It is a miracle …since we are responsible for the genocide …and see in ourselves the survival of the fittest’…!

This was the grief I had come to share …for the burden is too great for me alone to bear. The brothers and sisters who had gathered here were quiet and reflective …for I had really implored them to share the responsibility for such a monumental failure…

Then I spread my embrace to include the entire community of life around us in this beautiful space Pi, Shant and the others had wrought …and I honored them all …even the trees and grass …as well as the wind.

We cannot know where we are going, or why …unless we know from where and what we have come. And how can One know Oneself without being conscious of it all…? [Is there not a continuum?].

Thus did I invite them to journey back down the red river whose pool we bathe in now …all the way, even to when our blood was green .,,before we arose this side of a sweet horizon.

Dear Ones, Children of the Earth, come now; gather in the creche of the new reality …for the crisis of the old is nigh. There is little time left to prepare for the transcendence we have dreamt so long.

It is no mystery …it was never other than by evolutionary leaps that the past was replaced by the future. So now, when the Children dream, perhaps it will only be a moment what appeared in the past to take eons to gestate…

Before I leave off, please permit me to remind us, one last time …that ‘Letting Go’ without ‘taking care’ …is simply an act of self-service …and is therefor meaningless. It is curious how many of us remain in the thrall of our own divinity…!

…and, further, one must acknowledge that the future was always some part of the past.




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