A Reflection on Love

Ah dear children… this is an ultimate issue …we have been betrayed into believing we really do know ‘what love is all about…’  But wait small – let’s look at it…

This past week, longer really – ever since I learned about those of us who run ultra marathons (one of my suns had picked up a book about the phenomenon and those who actually do it – and then recounted it to us) – I have not been able to resist coming back to it again and again …to explore this new ‘dimension’ of man I have seen… and its endless implications.

What has caused such astonishment is that …man is the most phenomenal long-distance runner of all the animals on this earth…!

How is it that such sublime knowledge was not taught and recalled to every living being in this world…? The implications of this ‘miracle’ of truth must reverberate like a monument in the living spirit of every being that so finally sees it.

How is it that such sacred knowledge was never taught to us by our parents, by none of those who assumed responsibility for us…?  …or loved us”?: For this extraordinary fact of life is a bellwether of our very being, let alone key to our becoming …if we are at all to satisfy the vision we aspire to, we must recognize the truth of who and what we are…

So it brings me to reflect upon the reality of what it is we consider ‘love’ …how can we possibly fulfill our purpose, the ideal we must form in our lives …if we do not fathom the breadth of our being? So, now, when we explore what we called ‘unconditional love’ …did we truly invite our loved one to be the epitome of all that could be expressed …or did we always short-change him?

Did we ever really get the measure of the sublime dimension of our humanity…?  And unless we did, how then could we teach it…?  No, it’s too easy to take in information and file it willy-nilly. That none of those who ‘loved’ us showed us the epic dimension of our inate wealth is now a fact. Nor, certainly, did the schools who assure a docile plebiscite.

What a conundrum we are uncovering!

•      •     •

The most recent news from our little country here …is Vanuatu has become ‘the mouse that roared’ …being the first nation in the world to tackle the corruption in its political system by prosecuting fully one third of its MPs – Members of Parliament. While ‘we’ are no different than the rest of the world …take note that it was first here that ‘…enough! this has to be stopped! …was said. So I am grateful to exclaim here my pride of place, proud to be part of this tiny island country that roars.

•     •     •

Much has evolved recently too in our relationship with the tribal reality surrounding us; it is the nature of the culture here. First our family …and then our neighboring villages have had to accommodate the blessing [or intrusion, as the case may be] into the ‘storian’ of their lives …for they were here first and are thus closer to the land than we.. Which is not to say they, any more than we, have known how to respect it …when we all share it as the living truth we know it to be …then we can say yes, we have fulfilled our roles.

That there is growing regard for us is also true …helped certainly by the road works and support of Public Works we have demonstrated along Big Bay Highway. Perhaps it was the grief we also share with the community when one of our new-born died because it took so long to get to the hospital …yes, we brought the vital equipment with us …such that now it takes half the time to get to town it took before we got into helping with the roads and bridges…

•     •     •

At last, the two Councils of Chiefs (by their Presidents – both Island and Province – concurred by decree in One Paper …that our Project must not be disturbed or in any way interfered with any more… Should there be any dispute over land rights, the appropriate forum is the local land tribunals; there these issues will be addressed and resolved…

In truth, it isn’t so mysterious a process in a land with as many distinct native languages as this …and more trusting of its oral histories than any ‘written’ ones …that the truth of ‘ownership’ can be established. Still, the adjudication process must be taught and learned before it is accepted… And so the new Land Laws ere ultimately intended to supplant the prior attempts to do this constitutionally …and such Tribunals are only now being constituted for that purpose. [It does seem we are always cutting new ground…]

•     •     •

We are embarking on the final week of the blood-moon tetrad… The world is indeed expressing its growing distress …but as yet it is just a general malaise, a sense of unease. Emergent consciousness has not yet risen across the human horizon …but night is fast approaching.

So we make haste to respond to what is to be the greatest challenge ever faced by man and his family.







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