Activating our Dream Seeding in Freedom, Anew

Land has found us, our star family, our brothers and sisters that all have known this would one day come to be, the dreaming got stronger and yet also weaker as we all traveled our own journeys through life, navigating the matrix, retrieving all our gemstones shards of true self, one piece at a time..

Here we are, sharing out our mindsong… the gathering is a gentle calling for we only have to touch into the places of our existing relating.. we’ve known each other for more than just one season, we are asking you to consider your reasons for letting go of what is presently occupying your mind so to receive our sharing..

As one of few, yet one of significance and beauty you are asked to consider joining us here, Anew…we each have our gifts of spirit to bring in our bundles that we cared for all these years with tender love and care, and often fierce required protection..

And so a guardian you too are of the ways of love, of the ways of peace, and we each know of the struggle and the compromise the paradigm brings along with it and in many a setting.. it has helped us all along, to remember, to abraven the awakening that was calling us together, it called on our courage, our truth, our compassion, our capacity to self love.. our ability to be love..

All these seeds we have each gathered and nurtured, we wish to gather them together in one circle so from this place, hands holding hands, our feet on the grass we embrace the arrival of New Lands; Anew here at East of Eden..

Herefor I feel to invite you personally, for I currently am asked to be the carrier of this message, and so i speak..

I love you, I see you and I Wish for you to feel into your being, to explore all there is to consider coming to the Edge of the World as we knew it..

2 weeks at a start.. in full freedom.. in loving kindness, a small circle of us seeding the dream that will set the tone and the pattern for this land Anew.

As i imagine the consequences well and thoroughly, I realise it was after all, this simple.. all we had to do is show up..

Currently this sharing is shared privately from the land we call from and the small circles of our connections we relate to..

In grace and aroha,


Contact me if you wish via email: souvereign[at] and please ensure to cc papa bear stephenquinto[at]