New Beginning for East of Eden – After Three Years

The 30th of December 2017 makes three years since my adopted family – then headed by three elder brothers – gave me ownership and responsibility for the land of their maternal Grandmother in Big Bay. This land borders their paternal land to the west [separated by the lovely Jordan River]. It is where the Vatthe Conservation Area, a 2,700ha Nature Preserve, is situated …as is the well-known village of Matantas. The Vatthe is the largest nature preserve to date in all of Vanuatu.
This is our island – Espiritu Santo – where [in 2010] we had already acquired a tract of 878ha in the remote rain-forest of its west coast. The project we established there is: the Edenhope Nature Preserve. Today it is a small, close to 100% sustainable, community …of lovely spirit-beings, who live there in peace and harmony.
We are now establishing the sequel to it, some 17km east, on the 5,000ha of my adopted family’s land. Called Puel-vun Supe, this land is also part of Big Bay Coast, a newly designated protectorate of the Big Bay Chiefs who are finally recovering their rightful authority from some politically interested gangs who had usurped it. The new project called East of Eden will be ‘implemented’ in 2018 …once certain ‘claims’ against the ownership of these lands are settled. We are confident of the outcome.
East of Eden will also, then, become an ‘official’ Nature Preserve …so its rules and regulations carry the weight of Law …just as they are at Edenhope. Similarly, its guiding Principles of True Sustainability will determine the development of this filial CommUnity. Thus total respect will be accorded its Bio-diversity, honoring the true family Great Spirit has given us.
Here we are offering – absolutely free – parcels of land from 5 to 14ha [or so – 12 to 33acres] for only the promise of those qualified, to care for the land and each other. Of course those who accept this offer must have a proven history of commitment to Sustainability or the pursuit of it. By accepting this gift, they are finally completing the long, long journey that brought them here …and satisfying the High Purpose we were brought here in the first place …so to care for Mother Earth and her offspring. The finality of this mutual pact will be formalized after four seasons have passed by being granted formal membership in the East of Eden Foundation…
The Declaration expressed herein …is the result of a long and lovingly developed vision.
For I am Papa Bear [my children still call me that]
…but you know me as: StEvEn [Rainbow Warrior] Aho!