A Brief History of EdenHope: the Origin of East-of-Eden

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• “Now we are at the very end of our trail. Many people no longer recognize the true path of the Great Spirit. They have, in fact, no respect for the Great Spirit or for our precious Mother Earth, who gives us all life.”
Dan Evehema – d.6.2.1999 age 108
• “Nature itself does not speak with a voice that we can easily understand. Who in this world can speak for Nature and the spiritual energy that creates and flows through all life”
Thomas Banyacya – d.15.1.1999 age 89
No one can ignore the truth: man has brought great tribulation upon the Creation …indeed, it is felt throughout the Universe! Yet still he persists in denial…
All things are connected …must be acknowledged; it comes straight from the heart. So too do we know that karma is absolute and inevitable…! Who ever really thought ‘this’ was ‘free lunch’?
Our Vision began to be conceived twelve years ago, in 2003 …when we knew, without doubt, that each of us must redress the Karmic certainty we had gathered…
It was also then that we understood that renewal could only begin once we set about to repair the broken relationship between Man …and Nature.
However, it wasn’t until end of 2006 that we left Amerika – it was impossible to abide any longer in Turtle Island with the violence growing around us …and rout of all the sacred places, everywhere …not simply ‘to leave’, not just to retreat into exile …but to find the redemption we have been longing for …a place where we Rainbow Warriors could gather.
EdenHope was finally born in an oft-dreamed tropical paradise of the South Pacific. How we found our way to Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu …is much-too-long a story to recount here. But, still, it took until mid-2010 to find and lease land in this special island that would suit the new project… where Man and Nature could become One CommUnity again.
What we finally achieved could pass for a campus where a living seminar for ‘higher learning’ is in continuous session. …So, in its sacred space, EdenHope was born.
On 19 December 2011, the “EdenHope Nature Preserve” as it was called …was ‘Officially’ registered as a Conservation Area under the Constitution of Vanuatu …for the explicit purpose of protecting ¬all life within its 1,942 acres […which, btw, included Man who was to be established within it…!]
It might well be noted here that what was envisaged …was a recreation of the only role Man was ever asked to play …so we included him here in the inventory of bio-diversity within the Conservation Area. No one saw that, thereby, EdenHope had uniquely distinguished itself as beyond the scope of every other ‘Nature Preserve’ the world over to date…!
Some 50kms from the nearest road or other infrastructural connection to ‘the para-dime’ [it’s a stretch even to call the track that fords a couple of rivers a ‘road’] …and 100kms from the only town on the island – Luganville, population +/-13,000 – it could be said that EdenHope was about as far out as one can get …from anywhere! But then that’s exactly what we wanted …to be as far as possible from the fatally-flawed world we had rejected…
There we leased [for 75-years, the longest possible term under law in Vanuatu] 1,942 acres of tropical forest …and within it built a village by end 2012. Following the river valley that borders it on the north, it is 5.5kms from the sea. The nearest village is 8.5kms away. What is now called the ‘Sacred Garden of EdenHope’ is in the gentler, lower reaches of the land, on terraces overlooking the rock-filled river.
Membership in the Project was to be offered to ‘family’ who recognize that they are on the same path as we …ready to face the ultimate experience we are all called upon but usually fail to see. Those who come will know what they are bringing to this new world …as well as what they are leaving. Thus would EdenHope gather the spiritual ‘horsepower’ needed to face the greatest challenge ever to confront the Children of the Earth …in the apocalyptic ‘event’ unfolding around us!
Visitors [by invitation] who wished to evaluate the possibility of joining EdenHope were to be received as guests for a limited period …simply by applying and entering into discourse about their suitability. Prospective members would then participate in the Life of EdenHope until such time as permanent membership was offered to them …or otherwise leave. This process could take many months.
Nonetheless, it was becoming clear that time was short …Nature was not meant to tolerate the relentless abuse as has been heaped upon her. Our species must evolve …or perish along with the detritus it has spawned…
* * *
Life at EdenHope became increasingly committed to a manifest perfection of ‘body and spirit’ …and has attracted angelic adherents to its Sacred Garden and that lovely premise. It has become a shared vision for those who are there to strive for the highest Union possible…
While that Union has become its arch intention, it became clear to me that throughout the history of our species others have also sought the highest Union possible, and perhaps even achieved it. But that singular accomplishment has never overcome the prevailing collective, deteriorating karma …or hastened the Process of Loving/Peaceful Evolution.
Great Spirit does not impose ‘Judgment’ upon the material world …no matter how desirable it appears that might be …because Natural Law is so Perfect that the entire Universe is undeniably subject to it. We carry out evolutionary process – individually and collectively …even to the most complex of Galaxies – because we are all subject to the Omnipotent Law of Nature. Even as it was so lovingly created, it is fair to say: Karma is absolute and inevitable…
The knowing has grown …finally becoming conclusive. Precious little Time is left to assemble the Rainbow Children – for whom we Warriors are here. So while the dying world cedes to the new world …it is we who must attend upon its birth.
The fourth world will not just cede to the fifth world in some mysterious transference, as some expect. Indeed, ‘ascendance’ or ‘transcendence’ are intellectual concepts …simply intentions on the threshold of the Fifth World. So I had to cede the beloved space of EdenHope …in order to ensure our progeny – and I do mean ‘our’ – a place in the new world… Thus we gather in this new Sacred Space we have called …East of Eden.
East of Eden
Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
contact email: stephen.quinto@gmail.com