What Glorious Creator Wrought This Miracle

Above all we are asked to wake up …to be conscious of who and what we are …to then live here accordingly …for we shall have recovered our Divine root and resumed our Sacred path.

We inherited a gorgeous Earth. Look around you. It came with absolute Love, was given to us with unstinting Generosity – all that could be conceived was offered to us. The miracle then was everything we ever wished it to be…

Like all newly created Life in such a richly endowed environment, we proliferated and diversified …becoming a significant part of the nurturing, creative rhythm we were part of and learning how to reflect it in everything we were and did.

We lived upon the Earth in harmony. For so many eons we learned more and more about it …and about ourselves, each other …the animals and fishes. Like all of them we became beautiful and talented and capable…

But we finally, too, got to know things about ourselves we should have just shut our eyes to …and dismissed. Sadly, we didn’t let them go …instead harbored these new personal and self-centered things …until they revealed in us a dimension Earth never intended… Once we took ‘ownership’ of such newly-minted ideas about ourselves, a paradigmatic change overcame the whole Earth.

Since we couldn’t stop meandering into such worlds that now only we would create, what became of the miracle turned into schemes and delusions… Of course they were never ‘sustainable’ …but who wanted to see that …we were having so much fun! Well, many of us were…

Although it was time to return to our true selves, we had lost sight of what that was… we could no longer evolve beyond the morass we had established… but were reluctant to do it. The status quo was getting ‘better’ …and we were getting fatter.

So did we become compromised …all of us; the animals too; in fact, the whole ‘ship of fools’… So, as in all stories, the end must come. Here, now the end has come!

So, then, did we set out to regain our proper place in the Tree of Life …it will not be an easy path now, but that is of little matter …that we are together is all that matters …for we are the Rainbow …trees, grass ….animals, birds, fishes … true! all life. It is time!

What glorious Creator that wrought this miracle…!


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