“Time evolves… [as Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman said in a deep, reassuring, mellifluous voice]…” How else can we measure evolution; we are enabled to decipher our progress against the ‘insanity’ in and around us …indeed, such reflection will show us the extent to which we have succumbed to the psychological, physical and spiritual dis-eases afflicting the human condition.
Nearly every, even marginally, conscious person has become aware that the ‘para-dime’ is ill, that the Earth is suffering …but that all will incur the consequences of the mess it has become …is hidden at their insistence. Yet one must ask: can we resolve the karmic inevitability we have incurred? Only by accepting responsibility for it, even if it remains a mystery. Whereupon an increased clarity will suggest a course of action.
This may very well be the last of the days we can still enjoy ‘quiet time’ …soon after the last of the two red moons the warning they came to foretell will be completed.
In some spate of good fortune we have embarked on that part of the journey that leads to the exalted state of CommUnion …as we heeded the voice of the Divine Nature within us. So hear me now: we are to gather within a place of subtle energies, to explore the magic where singularity becomes plurality. What message we can share …is that common vision rises above personal evolution …as that is what led us to the sacred garden. Just coming here was a joyous step into the higher dimension CommUnity offers.
Now the ‘journey’ is become poignant and dramatic.
Contrasted against the increasingly critical conditions outside of this sanctuary, from here we can see the drama unfold …just as was always expected. The underbelly of devolution surrounds us …is laid bare – there is no more mysterious power to co-opt by those who call themselves ‘leaders’. They thought they were stealing them anyway. Man’s sojourn through the fourth world is virtually over.
We are reminded, these last days, of our brethren who were dispatched to the four winds by Grandfather (Konkachila as our Indian brethren call him). The mission given to them …was to find that special something each could bring back to the waiting collective – they would know when they saw it. All they needed …was to recover the ‘purpose’ they had lost. How many times was reprieve given…? Many of them saw this as a unique opportunity specially afforded them and inclined to the myriad seductions they would encounter.
From those long-ago days until now …they turned to the artifices they were able to construct …knowing not that they would perish with them.
Now it is Time… Renewal has begun – the cycle of purification leading up to it was concluded on 21.12.2012. The riddle it presented at the time was only seen by those who were already awake. Now come the four blood-red moons to announce the finale. There is precious little left of what one would call Time even though we are in a relatively quiet moment …it is truly calm before the storm.
Those who benefitted most from the delusion, are on the threshold of panic …taking a last draft of anaesthetic. They know the storm clouds are gathering…!

This is a very special pause; in every sense of the word we are naked …the season is upon us [it is Spring in this hemisphere]. It matters not which of us is right about the Divine Mystery [as we now refer to Grandfather].
All that is left for us …is to embrace our brethren even as they are caught up still in the para-dime. Goodwill grows freely in our garden. We know we are sheltered and thus flourish …for what is revealed here, is freely available to all …it is the fruit of CommUnion.
In this perhaps fretful moment, there is not much more to say… the Hopi Elders and others of our Indigenous Brethren …have borne this vision in their blood for many winters… to them we are grateful and humble …joyed to be family once more with them…

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