Because of Pi …whose vibe caught my attention way back …there was really no way I could not go to Palawan Island, Philippines for the event he had inspired. I had much to share with others who might ‘SEE’ the vision I am serving. Surely this could be the appropriate venue for a Rainbow Warrior.

On my arrival, Pi and I communed for a long, loving while – it was in the Path. During the next days, due to the heavy attendance [it turned out there were 77 of us] his attention was taken with the event this gorgeous spectrum represented. Only on Sunday did he suggest I share with everyone my thoughts …I would be first on the last day of it, Monday.

I finally understood the underlying reason I had come …it was to share the enormous grief I had taken upon myself …on realizing more and more the profound carnage we have brought into our Mother’s hearth…and particularly, poignantly, the violence we [H. sapiens] are uniquely responsible for …and, finally, for the great failure of purpose for which we came…!

I spoke to the miraculous expression of nature this gorgeous bio-diversity represented by our manifold entry onto the stage of our Loving Mother Earth …shared the joy we felt in the proliferation of the many kindred spirits that were obviously, and collectively, a close family given to us, just like 100 monkeys…!

I pointed out the many different species of Hominid whose birth we celebrated and shared as our own ….and wept for the demise of the glorious fulfillment our destiny had once implied …at our failure.

So, now, to the obvious and tragic …these – our! – precious brethren are no more… Only we, a lonely, entropic remnant species …are still here.

In spite of it all – the great tragedy this acknowledges – somehow we can still gather and share what is left of their precious genomes. We who still, euphemistically, call ourselves ‘Homo sapiens’. The remnant has somehow ‘survived’; a miracle …since we were responsible for their genocides. And we came to ironically call ourselves the ‘survived of the fittest’…

This was the grief I came to share …for it is a burden too great for me alone to bear.

I looked around my audience. My brothers and sisters gathered before me were quiet and reflective. I had implored them to share the responsibility for a monumentally tragic failure…

Then I inclined the LovingKindness I felt so clearly to embrace the entire community of life around this beautiful space. Pi, Shant and the others had wrought this sacred space …and I had come to honor them …even the trees and grass …and the wind.

It is true we can not know where we are going, or why …unless we know from where and what we have come. How can One know Oneself without being conscious of everything…? Is the continuum not whole?.

Then did I invite them to journey back down the red river, the pool we now bathed in …to travel all the way back, even unto when our blood was green .,,before we rose beyond the sweet horizon around us now. Let us go there together, you and I…

Dear Ones, Children of the Earth, come gather in the creche of the new world …for the final crisis of the old is nigh. There is little time to prepare for the transcendence we have dreamt so long.

It was never other than by evolution that the future replaced the past, that the infant dream, even it is born in a moment, may well have taken an eon to gestate…

Before I leave now, I would remind us one last time …’Letting Go’ without ‘taking care’ …is merely another act of self-service. Thus it is simply meaningless in the end …curious how many of us are enthralled by our own concern with divinity…!


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