In the Wake of a Tropical Disturbance – January 2016


We are still mourning the loss of ‘family’ some weeks ago… if the tragedy could be ascribed to one identifiable cause, it is that this family revolved around only one person, its singular father …it never had learned to be CommUnity. Thus when his rage shook the pillars of heaven, it was inevitable that the end would come. It came, abuse shouted hither and yon from his mighty distress…
Once again – too many times now – the same terrible sword had come down on our ears and into our hearth before. But this time the declaration had a finality to it …they have all decided to leave; they are returning [to Domenica] …they are sick of the empty promises and lies they were tricked into believing… by me!
[He could have so easily asked Ruth: ‘…did that also apply to EdenHope? Was it also a lie?’ when he called her instead of inquiring into my sex-life …and then turn on her too, heaping epithets like ‘queen of privilege’ on her! I asked him why he didn’t just address his questions to me? All I got was more noise.
The flames gathered, and the fire roared. This time I could only respond by saying, quietly, that such anger will not be tolerated in this place of peace… I was speaking for all East of Eden even though it was once again only me.
So, then, I had to find them a staging place away from the sanctity of East of Eden, from which they could make whatever arrangements they would see to. I called Solomon, and asked if he and Purity would take them in Matantas for a couple of weeks? and that I would underwrite the cost of looking after them.
The whole of this tragic event – too much to relate here in greater detail, although also propitious – brought about a whole bouquet of unexpected consequences that have since allowed our life-project to proceed even more expeditiously. We know full well how to protect our new world; it is still a tender babe, not yet strong enough to finally separate from the old, so we must gather only that which is sustainable; anger is not! What is …will be shown us unequivocally by its true Nature.
The warriors will no doubt have many more threats to deal with …and each will be neutralized!
Rather than fill this page with the much-too-long story of the aftermath we went through, let it just be said that the daybreak of reason has led to more refreshing epiphanies; they could be titled: “…not by bread alone!” or: “…gather yourselves!”
And so we have set about the necessary work to put the tragic event behind us …as well to birth the new day that also rises. We do so now with greater leverage, and more Love than we ever thought possible. “…The only way to Peace …is Peace!”
Reflections, though, are what I am comfortable sharing. So let me offer them to you: the world into which we are born, which world we are thereby called to serve, comprises all that are part of it …none lesser, none greater than we …each being simply another detail fleshing out The Dream. We were not sent here to be served…! [Forgive us for ever having thought that the pleasures we experienced were purpose and not consequence…]
Which brings me to another: one finds in the subtle reality of almost every gathering in the world today – from nation …to family and everything in between – a distinct indicator of the failure we have wrought …for they have mostly become a ‘gang’ instead of a CommUnity …had they heeded their True Nature…
Yes, the image of self at the bottom of the lake …is of the Narcissus we became over every one …all the other and greater expectations we could have expressed, such as were always available to us …we just dismissed, finally didn’t even give a damn…! Now we are bereft…
Thus we return to our sacred task, annealed once more in the chamber of dramas we are given. Each of us must bear the collective burden …or we would not have found our way …what great theatre it makes! …and such gratitude do we experience when, looked at this way, all the tragic consequences of our historic volition to self-interest and indifference …does not now have the power to drown us in despair, only the deserver…
Our hope for this year? Every obstacle to unconditional love be removed …and so may we all find Peace

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