…As The Summer-Winter Solstice Approaches

On Reflection… We hadn’t even considered the extent to which the paradigm had damaged our species – so many millennia of unchecked violence and abuse had taken a dreadful toll on [us] humans …such that we do not even recognize the critical nature of our present circumstances.’ And then I finally saw that it is the multitude who are the ‘100 monkeys’… In what other context could this epic complicity not be seen?

It is not so, however, for the Children of the Earth Mother! Nor for the Rainbow Warriors she has called upon to protect them! …the rest must be left, reviled in the litany of lies and hypocrisies they lived – a failed reality, a delusion – to which they pledged their precious lives

…So we return once more to the Sacred Circle of the Ancients. In Divine harmony we come together …return again …and in the embrace of our Divine Mother, in LovingKindness, will our exhausted bodies and broken dreams be repaired. The reservoir of Hope is always there…

It is no surprise that the CommUnity of Nature should only be preserved by her Children. In the end it was only the Children who were proved grateful …for the Work they were called to serve.

And, after all, it was only flesh that had been compromised. Thus the suffering will be brief …easily treated from the eternal spring residing within …through Love and Respect [though fasting will be of great help]. If the entire ‘we’ could open our hearts …the entire manifestation could then invoke the vast energy in the ether around us …to redeem us in a Purified State. But it is too late – do you not see that the old paradigm is done? it will rise no more.

At EdenHope the ‘upside down world’ no longer matters – if it exists at all, it is only in the benign and beautiful that it has survived …and where we allow it to reside still, within us. Our ‘state of mind’ …even in the earthly matter we continue to occupy …is being purged of what is profane …it is at last on a path so purified. Yes, ‘’…free at last!’’

All has been made clear …we are to shelter our Children from the assault and corruption of the ‘erstwhile’ world. They knew it must be abandoned anyway, succumbed as it had to fatal attraction and poison pleasure. It only asked of us …our complicity. Thus did we take the dummy in our mouth, and fret no more …it was, it is now …all over!

Little time is left; the sands of our allotted Time have run out. The patience of the ‘old ones’ has been sorely tried. The overthrow of the great whore is upon us, now…. It is time for the Children to gather, to take upon themselves the Sacred Task they were born to, so then to step into that gentle place where tomorrow becomes today, into the Sacred Circle of the ancients in whose destiny they are reborn …and take upon themselves the shining raiment of nakedness.

Hypocrisy is not possible in a pure state of Respect. We have enclosed EdenHope within a perimeter that will henceforth protect its Divine infant. We hold the Child …within an authentic Circle of Spirit & Peace, adding dimension and guidance as we are blessed to provide – it is our evolution as One People again …our Love of One God!

Do you not yet see that CommUnity is a Sacred matter between us? – it is as the wholeness of what we have found beneath the stars, the splendor spread across the night sky …even as in Daylight. We have learned much from the wind, the water, the trees and the rocks …It only gets better!

It had become clear that nothing of the old paradigm was sustainable …thus the only possible decision was re-establish this residual human presence in a new world. The ethos of true permaculture is not a complicated concept. But it is the only path that could ever preserve the beauty that harbors within us…

So here we are re-establishing our Divine Nature …we nurture and rebuilt it in a Place that only our true brother will recognize… Here our Children can take upon themselves the noblesse of the forest, the mantle of the Earth, the crown of the night sky …and the joy of knowing Oneness with Creation.

It is no wonder that the last chapter …the one that taught us:‘…never again!’ is over.

So come, Children of the Earth, Rainbow Warriors – this is your time…

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