Over our many years together – and no shortage of adventures – Ruth and I often took note of a special protection we seemed to enjoy …as our life was more often than not spent walking on the edge of a knife. She referred to the mysterious help as the …‘bluebird on our shoulder’. No matter the critical nature of what we experienced – there was no shortage of profound challenges – the outcome somehow always turned into a success; even when it didn’t appear so at those dramatic moments that seemed otherwise. The ‘bluebird’ really never failed…


Going to the edge recently, was very different from those many previous events, but this one also played out on a knife edge. Perhaps,though, it now had a velvet edge. The issue this time was my health; very different from the run-of-the-mill crises we shared before…


For one long moment that would have stretched the patience of a less stalwart spirit than Ruth’s, I drifted deeper into that singular zone each of us must ultimately face …on the other side of which – separated only by a finite veil – is that old inevitability …where consciousness ends …and an all too familiar mystery plays on… Interestingly, it was more comfortable being there than I expected …that’s how it is when one is at peace.


During my recovery, I chanced upon some new understandings that I want to share with you here. To experience any such horizon-wide perspectives is a gift one can only describe with humility …it is as if moments of clairvoyance mysteriously stop at one’s station, left there with some of the stars in heaven. The view from this bridge of mine is such that I must strive with all I can bring to bear to help you understand what is happening …with so much more about to happen, and so soon! …and because this final state of affairs will be increasingly critical for you …way beyond the realization inevitably growing in you that ‘something’ is really wrong…! Yes, the ‘world’ is finally going to understand that it was inevitable …from the first misstep taken. For we have despised the world …and heaped contempt upon it …not remembering it was our sacred duty to serve it…


Note that in these past ten days or so, since the UN Report on Climate Change was released, we have seen a flood of articles in dire agreement, aware that the report was watered down by the criminal agendas of the world’s powers that can no longer deny it… Just contemplate for a moment that this is but one of the myriad icebergs out there, that await our ‘Titanic’ ship of fools!


Now, when did all this begin…? One could say …thousands of years ago. The writings of seers and sages on every continent invariably understood the truth so, then, we dismissed them. Such is the character of a species that is no longer relevant… Only evolving [awakening spirits] were privy to the mystery. Now that we have entered the final act it is important that all see and understand – the consequence of indifference is the only probable future left to them.


Now, going back, you may recall references [made previously in this blog] to the ‘sysygy’ of 1962; when the cover of Time Magazine ‘warned’ we had come to the ‘end of the world’. If one had understood galactic time then, one would have better appreciated that the Mayan calendar was spot on, pointing to ‘the‘ defining moment fifty years hence, when ‘time’ would be ‘over’ …with the new world fully committed to replacing the old one.


I wonder now how many understood that fifty years hence 21.12.12 would be seen for what it was …in a purification time that would last one hundred and one years [101]! And that the first half of would be internal and personal to each of us …while the second half would see the dissolution of the old world …and its replacement with a new world.


In the proximate shoulders of the apogee – perhaps some few years on either side – very little would appear to change …but as the inclination becomes increasingly acute, visible reality will take on new meaning, like the plunge of a roller-coaster just creeping over the top [remember the ‘Cyclone’ at Coney Island?]. Now, tonight we are to be treated to the first of four blood-red moons – there will be three more in the next year or so. You will soon realize it is too late…!!??


These next few years of accruing crises will lower the threshold for the onset of panic – as by the end of this near-term period, the inevitability of our quandry will be clear. And along with that clarity, the prevailing delusion …will no longer be credible. What will happen then? …it doesn’t take a genius to see…!


This compelling vision is for those evolutional creatures who are called to serve the new world …as little to none of the old world will be left once the ‘purification’ is over. In the words of WS: “…the evil that men do …lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones”. So it appeared these many years …the sleepwalkers could say: “…it’s always been that way!” …just as it was said on the day after 22.12.12 …and every day thereafter.


Thus we shall speak as one: “…never again”.


Now …you were invited on this journey; so sit back – enjoy the ride…

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