“Seeing…” [edit 11.1.17]

What do you see in the sky approx 200 miles north of Panama?

It is now more than three Moons since I attended the Emergence/Convergence at Maia Earth Village in Philippines… What I posted at the time, in the reflection I wrote following the gathering …has continued to resonate at ever-higher frequencies …I am sure I have gained access to such knowledge I had never before imagined…

What I shared, at Maia, I am convinced, is no doubt one of the most profound karmic burdens we have yet to resolve. To which of us has it occurred that …we are the last surviving species of the unique genus: Homo?  What did we do to bring about this reality? Where are the rest of the lovely creatures now with whom we shared the stage of history then? Let us look again upon the bio-diversity that Creation wrought when we were put here… There is a story here more profound than we had remembered.

Now, perhaps, we can recall why there lurks in the collective …some ever-present shadow of karmic culpability. Still tragically ignored [as far as I know] it is why we remain trapped by ignorance within the failed collective we arrogantly call …humanity’!

At the Convergence, I described this grief as ‘our’ inheritance, it was not yet in such specific context as to be easily understood – it [or I] needed time to mature. The dimension of the realization and its implications …are as deeply troubling as anything I have ever conceived…! This Reality would have been overwhelming in any context …but the grief I now felt was unlike any I had ever experienced …it had to be shared at the Gathering in May.

We speak of ‘genocide’ in the contemporary idiom …and as something we easily grasp. But we really haven’t ever touched the deep chord of truth we are thereby only hinting at… with our language. The truth is far more profound than what has been applied by this ‘euphemism’ for the ethnic, racial and religious destruction for which we are the cause! …the all-but-one ‘species’ that still stands, arrogant as it may be …is us!

This is where the grief was taking me …it was too overwhelming for me alone to bear – it had to be shared. I don’t think there are many of us who are ready to go to such a place as this grief implied, for the truth is …it is our shame…! our collective shame.

Little did I know before expressing this epiphany that the root reality it had given birth to was East of Eden …that it was not only part of the way to mitigate this dread truth in our history …but that the guidance that would come of acceptance for it would help us to learn how to fulfill our Divine Purpose …and so transcend the dimension of the failed collective from which we have yet to separate!

This is what the Gathering of the Rainbow is about… It reorders the ‘four directions’ into the more enlightened unity it was meant to be…

As compelling as it was then, at the convergence …the epiphany has continued to evolve. And it becomes clearer each day in light of the bizarre phenomena we are experiencing and the growing crisis gripping the world. It also becomes easier to communicate now [as I am able to clarify in this current (and continuing) edit in January 2017].

Again and again …one word grows out of the vision – it is the insistent admonition to …“Listen!”

If you can not or do not hear the voices of the natural world and its active progeny …then reflect long and hard on that truth.  Yu no harem long olgeta songs?  There is no other way to hear but to listen; everything in the ‘natural world’ is alive and conscious …it all wants to share its Truth! Those who do not “hear” are bereft …if only they had learned to listen!

So …now it can be better understood why we are gathering. Each of us must know why and for what we were called – it’s our History.


= = = = = = =

In times past I reached out to you; I referred to the ‘terminal decision’ it took to get ‘here’. In the most specific way, I tried to describe the path to CommUnity, to EdenHope, to what it wanted so desperately to be…

In one’s own mirror, terminal meant that such a decision could only come once a point in one’s life was reached – from which there is no return. When, beyond that threshold, decisions are forever. Not sacrificing flesh and blood anymore …was such a decision [some of our elder brothers refer to seven generations… that will do] And those decisions that are not sustainable are simply discarded …as indeed all detritus should be… The Tree of Life is the only sustainable reality.

Loving is terminal. Not what normally passes for love …that only fills some proposition in the grand delusion we euphemistically refer to as ‘life’ …in our truth, now, we no longer ‘live there’ – such are the moments from which no return is ever again possible.

This little history can not be devalued by resorting to metaphor …for each of us knows what glimpses of clarity are… each of us has experienced them. Whether we are prepared to accept them is the key issue now. These are special moments …even today. Denying them is the mechanism of a dying species – that is what led to alienation and disconnection. Whereupon we embark on yet another ‘evolution’ [that is beyond illusion and delusion]. To break the habit …will take all the energy we can summon. But we must be ready to exorcise the constructs of the dimension we choose to leave …and for which we will no doubt suffer.

Karma is absolute and inevitable!

Yes, it is time to gather the Children, time to let all else go. They are longing for this song, for the great story is theirs …it is the story of the Rainbow.

So the circle is drawn. The Rainbow Children are to gather in the East of Eden …finally they shall put an end to Mothers’ grief – She is ready to embrace this new species – it is time for her Warriors to come forth…

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